Audio Bites
Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Herbert West

Of course he's dead
"..the dosage was too large"

You Killed Him!
"I gave him Life"

I don't know why they keep locked doors
"Nobody wants in... And ain't nobody gettin' out"

What were you researching?

Mister, ah....?
"West.  Herbert West.  Frankly Doctor, ah.. Hill?"

Here about the apartment....
"Didn't we meet this morning? You're, ah.."

This will be just fine.
"You'll never even know that I'm here."

I suggest you get yourself a pen
"Class dismissed"

Then at least you'd have ideas!
"Mr. West......It is going to be a pleasure to fail you."

Cat dead - details later.
"I was busy pushing bodies around"

I was going to show you

The theory is not new, West
"But my reagent is!"

We can defeat death.
".....and live lifetimes"

We failed...
"He failed!  Not I!"

You can't be serious!
"Well you may be right. It had probably been dead to long, wasn't fresh enough."

5 seconds....
"I'll show you!"

Damn the b*tch!

I am a scientist
"I'll have you locked up as a mad man.... or a murderer."


Hill took my serum
"He's Dead?"
"Not anymore."

I gotta tell Meg
"Ah ha hahahahaha"

Get a job in a sideshow
"You're not even a second-rate scientist."

Norma Jean & Marilyn
Jeffrey Combs as Montgomery Clift

"It's really the best combinations, unless you can get your hands on some mandrax." -Marylin
"Oh, I once lost a whole bottle of some mandrax on an airplane…" -Montgomery

"Well, I had to go in and fish 'um out. My right arm turned turned blue
all the way up to my elbow, it itched like a sonuvab*tch for what… three weeks." -Montgomery
"That's what I love about you Monty, you're the only one I know that's more f*cked up than me." -Marylin
"What?" -Montgomery

Jeffrey Combs as Rick Davenport


"So, I don't want you working on the bike anymore." -Teri
"I will not work on that bike anymore." -Rick
"I mean it, I've heard that before." -Teri
"I will not." -Rick
"I mean it." -Teri
"Okay. I won't." -Rick

Dillinger and Capone
Jeffrey Combs as Gilroy

"C'mon kid, not much time left." -Dillinger
"Nah, you wouldn't do that." -Gilroy
"You like baseball?" -Dillinger
"What?" -Gilroy

"Well, well, well, we finally meet the mug himself, John Dillinger." -Gilroy

"My name is John Dalton." -Dillinger
"Yeah, you go ahead and play your little game, Dillinger. We know the truth." -Gilroy

"Federal agents! Reach! Reach!" -Gilroy

"And on the other, I could be very rich." -Gilroy

The Man With Two Brains
Jeffrey Combs as Doctor Jones

What is that suppose to be… a heart?
"Yes sir..."

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