Dark House - Written and Directed by Darin Scott
Director: Darin Scott
Screenwriter: Darin Scott, Kerry Douglas Dye
Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Meghan Ory, Danso Gordon, Bevin Prince, Shelly Cole, Matt Cohen, Scott Whyte, Ryan Melander, Meghan Maureen McDonough, Scotty Noyd Jr., Erin Cummings
Genre: Horror
Official Website: Dark House

Plot Summary: Traumatized by an terrifying event in her youth, Claire Thompson tries to exorcise her demons by revisiting the old house where a terrible children's massacre took place. Now a haunted house attraction set up by impresario Walston Rey, the former foster home run by the evil Miss Darrode is set to open for the press and Walston recruits Claire and several of her fellow acting class students to perform as part of the show. Unfortunately, a series of horrible murders happen at the haunted house, generating from either the malevolent spirit of the departed Miss Darrode, or by Claire herself...

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