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LA Times August 2 - Jeffrey Combs is the 'definitive' Edgar Allen Poe

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Creepy, the LA Blog - Oct 13

The eXaminer.com Review - Sept 7

LA Times July 30 - Theater review: Nevermore

Beverly Hills Courier July 31 - Nevermore With Jeffrey Combs

NBC Los Angeles August 3 - Not Just Being Poe-lite

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Horror.com Review - July 13

NBC Los Angeles July 9 - Movie Trio Takes on Poe

DreadCentral An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe

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LA Times Article
Dark House

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As of this posting Dark House is the leading choice of voters but your vote is still needed to ensure that this awesome film stays on top!

New Movie Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray

  American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James

available now


available July 13th, 2010

Fantasia 14th Annual Film Festival
North America’s top film festival will be held in Montreal, Canada this July 8th thru July 27th.  Over 100 films will be featured this year, although the list has not yet been announced.

Of special notice will be the international premiere of Jeff's one man play Nevermore.  Performances will be held on Saturday July 17th and Sunday July 18th.  If you have yet to catch his play then this is an opportunity that you just can't pass up!

And to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Re-Animator there will be a special 35mm screening of the movie complete and uncut on Friday July 16th, hosted by Jeffrey and Stuart Gordon.  This will be a weekend to remember!

Nevermore - This Feb 23 and 24

New Interviews
     Jeff has an interview in the Baltimore City Paper HERE.

     The following article appeared in the Baltimore Sun paper today:

A Tell-Tale Poe

Jeffrey Combs stars in the one-man 'Nevermore,' which depicts a warts-and-all Edgar Allan Poe

"Nevermore, An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe," a one-man play starring Jeffrey Combs (pictured), will be performed at Westminster Hall. Show times are 7 p.m. Jan. 23 and 4:30 p.m. Jan. 24. (Los Angeles Times / August 10, 2009)

January 21, 2010 

In the course of 25 years, actor Jeffrey Combs has gone from reviving corpses to serving as a Ferengi agent to embodying possibly the greatest American literary figure of the 19th century. His fans must get whiplash just trying to keep up with this guy.

"I'm just a squirrel trying to keep the engine going here," says Combs, who will be bringing his one-man play "Nevermore" to this weekend's 201st birthday celebration for Edgar Allan Poe. "Running on the wheel, that's all you're doing. I'm just trying to keep it interesting for myself."

By any account, he must be succeeding. "Nevermore" earned rave reviews during its Los Angeles run, which was extended from a planned four weeks to nearly six months at Hollywood's Steve Allen Theatre. ("In assessing this new play ... it's hard not to seem gushy," gushed the Los Angeles Times.)

As a semi-regular on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and "Enterprise," playing seven different roles over 11 years, Combs became a fan (and convention) favorite. And as the titular mad doctor in 1985's "Re-Animator," his reanimated heads went places that can't be described in a family newspaper, much to the delight of its rabid cult following.

"Yeah, I kind of live in two worlds," the 55-year-old actor says over the phone from his home north of L.A. "I have my horror fans, and then my sci-fi fans. People kind of go, 'Well, aren't they the same?' But they're not. One group doesn't necessarily know that I do a bunch of horror, and vice versa."

Playing Poe, however, gives Combs the chance to straddle both worlds. While the play doesn't have either the Grand Guignol appeal of "Re-Animator" or the zealous fan base of all things "Star Trek," it is geared for tastes perhaps slightly more mainstream. Heaven knows it should play well in Baltimore, which has spent the past year feting E. A. Poe at every available opportunity. Playing the original master of the macabre inside Westminster Hall, just yards away from Poe's grave, has Combs eager.

"I am so honored and so excited that I'm going to be so near the proximity of the man," says Combs, who first played Poe about five years ago, in an episode of the Showtime series "Masters of Horror."

"It's surreal. That's the word," he says. "I have really kind of kept my enthusiasm in check."

He even sees a good omen in the disappointing no-show of the mysterious Poe Toaster, who failed, for the first time in more than 60 years, to leave a half-consumed bottle of cognac and three red roses at Poe's original grave site on Monday night.

"Actually, my first thought when I read about it [Wednesday] morning was, 'Maybe he's waiting until the evening of our show,' " Combs says with a laugh. "We'll talk after my performance."

Combs cautions that the Poe of "Nevermore" might not be the Poe to which his fans have become accustomed. Yes, Poe has long been depicted as dark and brooding, befitting the author of such horrific tales as "The Cask of Amontillado" and "The Tell-Tale Heart." But his Poe, Combs warns, is more personally flawed, more at war with himself, than other depictions.

"Most of the time, when people do one-man shows about Poe, they do not really examine his problems, in terms of his drinking and his inner demons and his heightened paranoia or perceived injustices," Combs says. "A lot of the time, they tend to be ... I don't know, I tend to call them 'museum pieces.' They're very reverent, which I hope our show is, too. But at the same time, I hope to illustrate a more well-rounded, all-encompassing Poe. Warts and all."

Presented as if Poe were giving a recital in front of a 19th-century audience, "Nevermore" consists almost entirely of his writings, taken not only from poems and stories, but from letters, journals and other sources. As the play progresses, Combs says, a besotted Poe gradually becomes less guarded in what he is saying.

"In our play, he pulls out a bottle," Combs says. "I don't know if anyone's ever sort of dared to explore that. The bottle takes the lid off some of Poe's control and civility. It just opens up some drawers in his personality that maybe are a little uncomfortable."

Stuart Gordon, who is directing Combs in "Nevermore" (as he also did in "Re-Animator" and "Masters of Horror"), says his longtime friend becomes Poe in the role. But given Combs' versatility, Gordon says - this is, after all, an actor picked to play seven different roles of nearly as many species in the "Star Trek" universe - being so expert at morphing into yet another character shouldn't surprise anyone.

"It doesn't look like Jeffrey, it doesn't sound like Jeffrey," Gordon says. "I don't know how else to put it. When he becomes Poe, he's someone else. After having worked with Jeffrey on several films, I realize he's a chameleon, he can be anyone. He's an amazingly versatile actor."

Poe, Combs insists, deserves no less.

"I think of him as America's van Gogh," he says, "a tortured, brilliant soul."

If you go

"Nevermore, An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe," a one-man play starring Jeffrey Combs, will be performed twice this weekend at Westminster Hall, 519 W. Fayette St. Show times are 7 p.m. Saturday and 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $35; children younger than 9 will not be admitted. Call 410-396-7932 or go to poebicentennial.com

"Witches of OZ"
     Jeffrey just wrapped up filming his part in the new upcoming movie "Witches of Oz" filmed in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Basically a re-invention of the original children's book it's a full-length live-action independent production by Leigh Scott through his company of Blackthorn Industries with co-producer Chris Campbell. In it, Dorothy is a modern-day children's author whose life takes a turn when characters from Oz start showing up in the real world. The movie also features actors Christopher Lloyd, Lance Henriksen, Billy Boyd, Eliza Swenson, and Noel Thurman.

    The movie is "something different," Scott said, explaining that he's breaking away from the cynicism typical of many recent independent films and drawing his inspiration from 1980s films like "Labyrinth" and "The Dark Crystal."

Instead of Dorothy going to Oz, this time Oz comes to her. But, like in the 1939 film, she comes to the realization that she was "master of her own destiny the whole time," the director said.

    In the movie Jeff plays Dorothy's father (in this version she lives with her parents and not her aunt and uncle).  Release is tentatively slotted for a late 2010 or spring 2011, exact details will be posted here as they develop.

"Nevermore" at the Westminster Hall in Baltimore, Maryland

     Jeffrey will be performing his smash hit one-man show "Nevermore" at the Westminster Hall in Baltimore, Maryland on January 23rd and 24th.  Westminster Hall, one of the area's most intriguing architectural landmarks, is a converted Gothic church built on arches above Westminster Burying Ground, creating catacombs. Edgar Allan Poe and his young wife found their final resting place within Westminster Burying Ground, as did several early mayors of Baltimore, heroes of the American Revolution and members of the city's elite.

     "It's a real honor" Jeff said about performing as Poe at Westminster Hall just adjacent to the final resting place of the famous poet.  You can visit the official Edgar Allan Poe Bicentennial Celebration website for more details on tickets and other Poe events.

Radio Interviews

     Jeffrey has been the guest of a couple of radio shows recently following the huge success of his ongoing one man show "Nevermore".  Both of his interviews are a terrific listen and can be heard here on his site.

Click Here To Listen To His Radio Interviews

Recent News!

     Beginning last weekend and continuing thru next weekend Jeff will be directing the digital video recording of the stage performance of "Nevermore".  As Jeff has stated this will be an archived recording of his performance that will also be used as a way for other theaters to view the show for possible scheduling of "Nevermore" at new venues.  As of right now there are no plans for this to become a commercial product available for the general public.

     Tentatively scheduled for October 2010 Jeff and Stuart may bring the show "Nevermore" to the Chicago Goodman Theatre.  This has not been fully confirmed at this moment so despite what you may read elsewhere plans have not been finalized.  When and if this becomes a reality it will be announced here so stay tuned for updates.

     Tomorrow (11-18-09) Jeff will be doing a voice recording for an upcoming cartoon release of Scooby Doo Mystery Inc.  Details of his exact role are not yet available.

Nevermore Extended Thru December 19!
 We are proud to announce here first that Jeff's one man show "Nevermore" will be extended by popular demand through December 19th of this year!  This will be the final extension of the show so the last chance to see this terrific performance will be the 19th of December on it's closing night.

Tickets can be purchased now for Friday and Saturday night performances at the Steve Allan Theater website, news of upcoming advance ticket sales will be posted here when it becomes available.

Back Stage Interview with Jeffrey Combs and Stuart Gordon
Nevermore - Extended Thru October
Nevermore - Rue Morgue Issue #94 Article

Issue No 94 of Rue Morgue Magazine

     The October issue of Rue Morgue magazine is dedicated to the 200th Birthday of Edgar Allan Poe.  Filled with informative articles and reviews on Poe it also features an article on Jeffrey's one man show "Nevermore".

     Pick up a copy now available on newsstands and in book stores today!

A Personal Message From Jeffrey - September 24, 2009
Dear All,

My brother, Gary Owens, passed away at 2:41 am yesterday, September 23, 2009. He died of cancer. He was 68. His wife and two daughters were by his side. I was with him most of the previous day. I know he was aware I was there and I held his hand and kissed and held him and talked to him for hours. In the evening I left the hospital with my nephew, his son. He was taking it very hard. We all were. But we felt that Gary would make it through the night. Before this insidious disease invaded his body he was one of the healthiest and most robust men I have ever known. We were sure that we would at least see him the next day. We were wrong and I will deeply regret that decision forever.

The weekend before my birthday, about three weeks ago, Gary and I met for lunch (his idea) and since he had just finished his chemo treatment I expected to see my brother in a bit of a wasted state, but I was absolutely amazed and heartened when I walked into the restaurant . He looked as healthy as he ever had which, for him, is saying a lot. I felt then that he had beaten his foe. I was convinced of it. Best birthday present ever.

But when they did a follow up CAT scan they found something on his liver. In relative terms he had gone through his treatment with flying colors. Much, much better than most. Curiously, he was hammered with illness after he was finished with his treatments. His last three weeks were not good and then the biopsy confirmed that the cancer was in his liver and moving quickly. Apparently, there's nothing they can do when that happens. Thankfully, he went fast and did not suffer too much or too long. He was made comfortable and near the end he was completely aware of his fate and at peace with it.

And I can't emphasize this enough, he never once through all of the wrenching chaos of this nerve-jangling 4 month struggle, he never once exuded anything other than a positive, poised and graceful attitude. In the face of this life and death situation he chose for himself and, more importantly, for everyone around him, his wife, his kids, his grandkids, his brothers and sisters, his aunts and uncles and his many, many friends, he chose to be nothing but serene. His wife, Helen, told me that not once, not once even when they were alone, not once through all of this did he convey self-pity, worry, panic or lamentation of his fate. She said she never even saw him cry. Not a tear.

His shining example of selflessness and positivity will stun me for the rest of my days. He was grace personified in the face of his fate. To the end. He said to me the day before he died, "There's really nothing to say, J. It's .... it's life."

In the program for my play NEVERMORE I dedicated my performance to my dear brother Gary, and I called him my new hero. I had no idea how prophetic my words would be.

Gary had a passionate love of sports, especially youth sports. He believed that athletics instilled a strong work ethic, discipline, teamwork, integrity and good health habits in teens. He felt, and rightly so, that these were character building values that gave a young person a solid foundation for life no matter what endeavor they pursued and that these values would prepare anyone to handle whatever fate may throw at them. And he practiced what he preached.

He was a very successful man in all aspects of his life. Especially at the end.

He asked that donations be made in his name, Gary Owens, to the Arroyo Grande High School athletic department in Arroyo Grande, CA. He went through that program, his children went through it and his grandchildren are going through it now.

And give blood. Anywhere. While struggling to keep him with us the hospital nearly ran out of it. He didn't want that to happen to anyone else.

These were his simple, last requests.

I will miss him so very, very much.

We all lost a good one here.

With love and appreciation to you all for your support.

Jeffrey Combs
September 24, 2009
Nevermore - An evening with Edgar Allan Poe

...Prose, Poetry and Perversion...

  Celebrate the bicentennial of Edgar Allan Poe's birth with the star of Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Deep Space Nine.
  Jeffrey Combs in Nevermore - An evening with Edgar Allan Poe. ...Prose, Poetry and Perversion...

Written by Dennis Paoli
Directed by Stuart Gordon
(the writer/director team behind cult classics Re-Animator and From Beyond)
The Steve Allen Theater at The Center For Inquiry
4773 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90027
Map & Directions

German Con Photo by Andreas Reiner

Photo by Andreas Reiner
Nevermore Radio
Jeffrey will be doing several radio interviews for his up coming one man show "Nevermore" on NPR (National Public Radio) with Pat Morrison and also on KPFK Los Angeles.  Actual air dates and times will probably vary according to where you live so check your local broadcasters for a time.  If I can get the air dates they will be posted here ASAP.

On Sept 9th Jeff will be part of the Pat Morrison NPR show in the afternoon. On the 10th he will be on again at NPR with Alex Cohen, check your local NPR show schedules for air times.

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