Questions To Jeffrey
Q: Many fans (including myself!) have said they would absolutely love the chance to see you perform live. Would you ever consider returning to the stage? If so, what would tempt you back?

JC: I love the theatre. It's my home. It's where I really live. However, it requires a lot of time and doesn't pay well  .I have a family and things called bills, maybe you have them too. In any event, I look forward to getting back to the stage when it's more feasible. I miss it so.

Q: How has the writers’ strike affected you personally? Did it give you time to spend at home, work on hobbies or projects, or did you continue to work on various productions?

JC: The writer's strike is well past now, but I did OK during the strike. The day the strike began I got a job on COLD CASE. As long as the script was already written actors were allowed to work on projects in progress. And then just before Xmas out of the blue came a small movie entitled FAST TRACK. Thank goodness it's over at this point, but now we have a possible SAG strike looming. I hope it won't happen. As I write the talks have fallen apart.

Q: House of Re-Animator has been an on-and-off project, is it a project that you personally would look forward to doing or has the role of Dr. West been fulfilled for you?

JC: Herbert is a blast to play. And he is so consistently himself. You know where he stands and what he will do to pursue the work. HOUSE was always problematic as a project. I never really embraced the idea to a sequel of RE-ANIMATOR that relied heavily on blending a horror movie with a topical political attack on the current administration. That was where Stuart wanted to take it and I've never been convinced that was the direction we should go with Herbert and friends.

Q: From all I've read, you're quite the Renaissance man - you're a wonderfully gifted actor, but you are also an accomplished musician, and you paint as well. Have you ever considered doing anything more with your other gifts? Putting out an album or having a gallery show for instance?

JC: Paint? The last thing I painted was a bedroom! I do love playing music. I do it alone and always have. Never been in a band. I'm self taught and therefore my technique sucks. I don't know how to play any songs except those of my own "composition." I really should do some sort of scratch recording of them. Now you've got me thinking.

Q: How is it for you when a new role is presented, do you go to auditions and read or are most parts tailored for you specifically?

JC: It's a blend of all those things. Sometimes I audition although that's becoming rarer and rarer. Thankfully I get offered roles often enough and when I do a lot of the time they allow my input.

Q: Growing up, were there any actors or characters that inspired you to become an actor yourself?

JC: Sure, hundreds. All of them, but I've never tried consciously to impersonate or embody any other actor's style or persona.

Q: Do you ever get the chance to just sit back and go fishing or just what is your favorite way of relaxing when you’re in between projects?

JC: Reading, guitar, piano. Time with my kids. Hiking.

Q: What’s in your iPod?

JC: Classic Rock to Radiohead to Classical to Jazz to Fold and Country and Blues. No disco.

Q: Did you do any of the stunts in Felony?

JC: Yeah, I got beat up with a bat pretty good. I still remember the pain. Just kidding.

Q: Do you keep up with any episodic television shows?

JC: The First 48. Not really a episodic series, but I try not to miss it. Other than that, I watch political shows and movies. Mostly movies.

Q: Are you planning to appear on any European convention this year? Maybe in Germany or even better, Switzerland?

JC: That depends upon them. I don't pursue it, but if someone comes forward with an event and it works out with my schedule I'm good to go.

Q: Do you have any new upcoming projects we don't know yet?

JC: I just finished shooting THE DARKEST EVIL which is a remake of THE DUNWICH HORROR. It was shot in Louisiana and I haven't seen any footage, but I was able to add to my rogue's gallery of odd characters. Also, I just did a voice over for a very cool internet project based on the artist Alex Pardee's story called CHADAM. Could be ultra cool.

Q: What character / role would you love to play or have played? This could be anything from old/new movies, stage plays or series.

JC: Iago.

Q: Let's say the species on Star Trek were real and you could be any species. What would you be and why?

JC: A human because they don't have 21/2 hour make-up sessions.

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